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Our focus is not on disabilities. Our focus is on advancing abilities  


At Advancing Abilities, our staff is dedicated to helping children and their families succeed. We are a Maryland based company which provides in-home and community based services to children and young adults with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Our team specializes in providing evidence based interventions accompanied by a comprehensive behavioral approach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our experienced team members implement ABA, discreet trial, consultation, supervision and family training. Our programs are designed to help each child reach their maximum potential. Our methods emphasize development of social skills, positive social interactions and personal growth.

Our company provides consultation, materials (visuals, boardmaker pictures, PECS, social stories, etc.), and family training. We approach each child individually and implement protocols based on his or her needs and goals. Each child is unique and is provided with individual assessment from our highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts.



Advancing Abilities
Baltimore, MD
PHONE: 443-453-2031
FAX: 443-216-7397

Marianna Lerakis, Founder

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